Château Pomeaux 2013

Vintage Notes

In 2013, Bordeaux suffered its third challenging vintage in succession as Bordeaux experienced the coldest and wettest start to a growing season in more than 40 years. April was mixed. Bud break was late. Intense cold, wet weather returned in May, which along with a lack of sun continued slowing the growth cycle and extended the flowering and harvest dates. Flowering began at most estates by the second week of June. However, many vineyards were beset by a poor fruit set and millerandage due to the difficult June weather. In July, many estates performed severe green harvesting, hoping to dry out their vines and grapes. Instead, heat spikes in July, coupled with excess moisture, brought more rot in the vines. In late July, the worst storm to hit Bordeaux in 15 years deposited massive amounts of rain, flooding vineyards in less than an hour.  That torrential storm was accompanied by gale force winds that caused extensive damage to much of Bordeaux. A few days later, Bordeaux experienced a massive hailstorm that caused severe damage to vineyards, particularly in St. Emilion and Cote de Castillon. Beginning in mid-August, after one of the wettest and coldest starts to a growing season in recent memory, Bordeaux enjoyed three weeks of uninterrupted, warmth and sunshine with temperatures close to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Warm weather continued through early September and producers hoped for the continuance of good conditions and ripening of their grapes. Unfortunately, another storm slammed into Bordeaux at the end of September and growers were forced to pick earlier than anticipated. Although 30 years before a vintage like 2013 would have been a complete disaster for Bordeaux estates, today’s best producers who can combine serious reductions in quantity with rigorous selection in the vineyards and winery and declassification of unripe or otherwise unsuitable grapes can make good wines. This is what the best estates accomplished in 2013.  Although yields were small, many 2013 Bordeaux wines are of high quality.

The 2013 vintage of Chateau Pomeaux was harvested in the last week of September. In spite of the difficulties of the vintage, through severe control of output in the vineyard and rigorous selection in the vineyard and winery, Chateau Pomeaux was able to harvest a small crop of ripe grapes. After malolactic fermentation in small oak barrels, the wine matured in new French oak barrels and was bottled in June 2015. The 2013 vintage of Chateau Pomeaux wine is rich, fruity, and delicious.



“Notes of currants, stewed berries, chocolate, hazelnuts, stones and leather. Medium-bodied with firm, fine tannins and bright acidity. Juicy finish.”