Château Pomeaux 2003

Vintage Notes

2003 Bordeaux wine is the product of a scorched, hot, dry growing season. The torrid temperatures remained high, day and night. There was no respite from the intense, dry heat.  More than 50 days during the growing season endured temperatures of more than 86 degrees Fahrenheit, with several days exceeding 100 degrees. On one afternoon at Lafite Rothschild, temperatures were recorded at close to 120 degrees! In addition to this intense heat, conditions were incredibly dry and vines were stressed.  Much-needed rain fell in Mid-August. September was warm, and thankfully more rain fell in early September.

Because of the intense summer heat and rain in the first week of September, most Pomerol vineyards decided to make their earliest harvests ever. To achieve optimal maturity of its grapes, however, Chateau Pomeaux elected to delay harvesting until after the rain ceased and further ripening occurred. The harvest of the 2003 Chateau Pomeaux vintage was completed in the final week of September. Chateau Pomeaux was rewarded for its patience with a harvest of exceptionally high-quality grapes with an intense concentration. After alcoholic fermentation in oak tanks and malolactic fermentation in new small oak barrels, the 2003 Chateau Pomeaux was aged in new small French oak barrels and bottled in June 2005. The 2003 vintage of Chateau Pomeaux is intense, powerful, fruity, hedonistic, and delicious.


Le Guide Hachette des Vins

“This small property is located on the southern slope of the Pomerol plateau. Merlot reigns as the exclusive maestro. In the glass, the wine displays a ruby color bordered with garnet. The bouquet opens with toasted wood and butter accompanied by red jammy fruit aromas. The attractive palate reveals good tannins that will become more supple with two to three years aging. Fine wine experts will love this bottle within the next ten years.”