Château Pomeaux 2001


The 2001 vintage of Bordeaux wine did not commence with great promise. April shifted from cool to cold, which does not typically promote a strong growing season. By May, conditions began to improve as a result of a much-appreciated heat wave. July was wet. August was dry. Alternating warm and cold temperatures continued until September. September was one of the driest in Bordeaux’s history. This turned things around for the 2001 Bordeaux vintage, especially in the Right Bank which harvested under perfect conditions. Following the legendary 2000 vintage, the 2001 Bordeaux wines were originally thought to be lighter, forward, early-drinking wines of very good, but not exceptional, quality.  Many of these 2001 Bordeaux wines were consumed early.  Those who have waited have been rewarded for their patience. Many 2001 Bordeaux wines continue to improve. In fact, some 2001 Bordeaux wines have turned out better than the 2000 vintages from the same estates.  The best 2001 Bordeaux wines are rich, suave, soft, silky, elegant, fresh, and round.

The harvest of the 2001 vintage of Château Pomeaux was completed during the second week of October 2001 under ideal conditions. Heat and sunshine in late September and early October contributed to a plentiful harvest of extremely high-quality grapes. After malolactic fermentation in new small oak barrels, the 2001 Château Pomeaux was aged in new small oak barrels and bottled in June 2003. The 2001 vintage of Château Pomeaux is intense, rich in fruit, sweet, balanced, and delicious.



“Delicate nose, tasty, well balanced, and melting in the mouth.”