Château Pomeaux 2002 75cl

The harvest of the 2002 vintage of Château Pomeaux was completed in the first week of October 2002. September and early October brought heat and sunshine which culminated in extrardinarily rich and sweet grapes. After alcoholic fermentation in new oak tanks and malolactic fermentation in new small oak barrels, the 2002 Château Pomeaux was bottled in June 2004. The 2002 vintage of Château Pomeaux is rich in fruit, intense, concentrated, sweet, and delicious.


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The 2002 Bordeaux vintage did not have an auspicious beginning. In late March, a cold snap delayed the bud break. The flowering in late May and early June was uneven, taking place in mixed weather and spun out over a full month so that the fruit of many vines did not set at all. Many grapes suffered from poor or failed pollination. The summer remained cool and lacked sun. The most quality-conscious producers did their usual crop-thinning after flowering and performed a further green harvest in August to concentrate the remaining fruit and encourage the ripening process. Miraculously, warm temperatures and extensive sunshine arrived in mid-September, saving the vintage. With help from improved technical options and consistent effort throughout the year, Bordeaux’s top winegrowers managed fine results in this challenging vintage. Learn more and read reviews of the 2002 vintage

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