Join Our Exclusive Wine Club

Wine drinkers who appreciate fine Bordeaux now have the chance to join Chateau Pomeaux’s exclusive wine club, the Private Circle. This free-to-join club provides privileged access to our most recently bottled wines, which are available for purchase from the time of bottling through December 31st of the same year.

Unlike some other Bordeaux wine clubs, Chateau Pomeaux also offers connoisseurs the chance to purchase selected mature vintages at discounted prices. One further benefit of membership is that delivery in mainland France is free for orders of six cases or more.

How does it work?

Once members have joined our exclusive wine club and placed an initial order, they will be entitled, if they wish, to buy the same volume of the newly bottled vintage the next year, thanks to our members-only allocation process.

Private Circle members are also rewarded for their loyalty by receiving vouchers to use on future orders. Members of the exclusive Chateau Pomeaux wine club will receive two, five, or ten vouchers on all orders of six, twelve, or eighteen bottles, respectively. These vouchers, worth €15 each, can either be used by the members themselves or given to their family, friends, or clients, inviting them into the Private Circle. Large orders are extremely well rewarded, with customers receiving vouchers worth up to €150.

Vintage Offers

The benefits for exclusive wine club members is not limited to recent bottlings; there are also advantages for wine enthusiasts seeking to improve their collection with more mature vintages of Chateau Pomeaux wines. Private Circle members receive a 10% discount on four more mature vintages that Chateau Pomeaux offers for sale.  These include Chateau Pomeaux 2011 and Chateau Pomeaux 2012, both at €65 per bottle. Each of these wines is rated at 90-92 points by famous wine critics.

The Chateau Pomeaux 2015 vintage, which won the silver medal at the 2020 London Wine Competition, is available at €69 per bottle. The highly-praised Chateau Pomeaux 2018 vintage is offered at €65 per bottle. Don’t miss this opportunity to obtain mature superb Chateau Pomeaux wines.  Join the Private Circle today!