Chateau Pomeaux's vineyards are maintained in a meticulous manner and its wines are produced the highest quality wine possible.

Chateau Pomeaux employs a combination of sophisticated vineyard and winemaking techniques, including rigorous double guyot pruning, green harvests, late picking to ensure optimum maturity, meticulous hand picking and sorting, destemming, rigid selection, lengthy temperature-controlled maceration and fermentation at high temperatures in small oak tanks, lengthy periods of malolactic fermentation in small new oak barrels, scrupulous vinification, and extended aging in new oak barrels.

The combination of magnificent terroir, the decision of Chateau Pomeaux's owners to sacrifice quantity to produce an ultra-high quality wine producing wines of the highest possible quality and elegance.

Chateau Pomeaux's wines have received highly favorable commentary from leading wine journalists and publications.